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Quasimoto The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas on 2LP

Madlib resurrected his sticky-green obsessed, helium-huffing alter-ego, Quasimoto in 2005 for the release of The Further Adventures of Lord Quas. While Madlib has always been one of the most experimentally savvy beatmakers in the underground, his creation of the electronically altered narrator Quasimoto, has become one of his biggest selling points for alternatively minded fans. The second full-length under the moniker plays something like a smoked-out comedy/crime Blaxploitation flick, with Madlib and Quas in a more chaotic state then on The UnseenFurther Adventures thrills some, confuses and frustrates others, and in the end, cemented Madlib's reputation as one of the most creative and fearlessly skewed creators in hip-hop. The album includes 26 tracks, with only two guest shots: one from Doom (for the return of Madvillain) and another from Medaphoar.

Quasimoto - The Further Adventures of Lord Quas (Vinyl 2LP)

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