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In November 2012 Southern California's raucous punk heroes Pennywise announced the return of the band's original vocalist, Jim Lindberg. Now, coming off a sold-out 25th anniversary tour featuring the classic lineup of Randy, Byron, Fletcher and Jim, the same lineup has hit the studio to record YESTERDAYS, as both a tribute and fierce rebranding of their punk rock legacy. Featuring new songs alongside some never-before-recorded songs written with original bassist Jason Thirsk, YESTERDAYS is pure prime Pennywise, loud fast and to the in-your-face point.





1What You Deserve
2Restless Time
3Noise Pollution
4Violence Never Ending
5Am Oi!
7She's A Winner
8Slow Down
9Public Defender
10No Way Out
11I Can Remember

Pennywise - Yesterdays

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  • $45+ Free Shipping

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