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UME 1745697

UPC: 602517456976

Release Date: 2/26/2013


Nick Drake Pink Moon on 180g LP
Remastered from the Original Analogue Master Tapes by Original Sound Engineer John Wood at Abbey Road Studios 
Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Drake's Third and Final Studio Album!
Pink MoonNick Drake’s third and final album, was originally released on Island Records in 1972 and is the record that made him the cult figure he remains to this day. Recorded in November of 1971, the beautifully spare 11-song set only features Drake's vocals, guitar, and piano. The music comes across as peaceful and unadulterated through its richly woven textures of tone and melody. Although the story behind his music is undeniably tragic, what he left behind here is truly breathtaking. 180g vinyl in a gatefold jacket with printed inner sleeve.
"His voice conveys, in its moans and breathy whispers, an alluring sensuality, but he sings as if he were viewing his life from a great, unbridgeable distance. That element of detachment is chilling. To reinforce it, messages of isolation gradually float to the surface of the songs' spare, eloquent melodies." - Rolling Stone, Anthony DeCurtis
"He arrived at midnight and we started. It was done very quickly. After we had finished I asked him what I should keep, and he said all of it, which was a complete contrast to his former stance. He came in for another evening and that was it. It took hardly any time to mix, since it was only his voice and guitar, with one overdub only. Nick was adamant about what he wanted. He wanted it to be spare and stark, and he wanted it to be spontaneously recorded." - John Wood, sound engineer for Pink Moon
Nick Drake Pink Moon Track Listing:
1.  Pink Moon
2.  Place To Be
3.  Radio
4.  Which Will
5.  Horn
6.  Things Beyond The Sun
7.  Know
8.  Parasite
9.  Ride
10. Harvest Breed
11. From The Morning

Nick Drake - Pink Moon (180G Vinyl LP)

SKU: 602517456976
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