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Jane's Addiction's genre-defying 1988 masterpiece Nothing's Shocking captured the too short-lived quartet at its absolute peak. Combining radically diverse musical elements from art, psychedelic, and classic rock, to hard-core punk and funk and metal, Jane's Addiction was the last great precursor to the alternative revolution of 1991-92. From songs about Ted Bundy ("Ted, Just Admit It") to punk ideology as Eastern philosophy ("Pigs In Zen") to mystic romances ("Summertime Rolls") and early-morning thoughts ("Standing In The Shower...Thinking"), Perry Farrell consistently dissects his subjects through a psychologically-stimulating viewpoint while the extremely talented band made up of guitarist Dave Navarro, bassist Eric Avery, and drummer Stephen Perkin provide the songs with an expansive set of musical color. A must-have for lovers of cutting-edge, influential, and timeless rock, as well as anyone who's loved any band to emerge post-1990.


Disc 1



1Up the Beach
2Ocean Size
3Had a Dad
4Ted, Just Admit It...
5Standing in the Shower...Thinking
6Summertime Rolls
7Mountain Song
8Idiots Rule
9Jane Says
10Thank You Boys
11Pigs in Zen

JANE'S ADDICTION - Nothing Shocking (180g Vinyl LP)

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