Heartless Bastards have spent the past decade in motion, boldly pushing their unique brand of rock 'n’ roll into new shapes over four acclaimed albums and nearly non-stop roadwork. Now, with RESTLESS ONES, the band sets out once again, blazing a path to a place of shifting moods, seasoned songcraft, and unbridled spontaneity. Heartless Bastards’ fifth studio recording and follow-up to 2012’s breakthrough ARROW, the album finds singer/songwriter Erika Wennerstrom exploring as-yet-unvisited avenues of sound and sensation, her bravery and ambition readily apparent in the emotional timbre and the sheer physicality of her songs.


Disc 1



1 Wind Up Bird
2 Gates of Dawn
3 Black Cloud
4 Hi-Line
5 Journey
6 Pocket Full of Thirst
7 Into The Light
8 The Fool
9 Eastern Wind
10 Tristessa

Heartless Bastards - Restless Ones

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