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FAT POSSUM 0017981

UPC: 767981179810

Release Date: 5/27/2022


The rapturous reception of 2020's Flower of Devotion gave Dehd access to more resources - budgets, studios, producers. Rather than seek something new however, they invested in themselves, their process, and their deep belief in what they have always done. They booked the same studio where they recorded Flower of Devotion but tripled their stay, giving themselves time to play with arrangements and delight in a wonderland of drum machines and synthesizers. While continuing to write and record every part of the album themselves, the new relationship with Fat Possum did allow for a few indulgences, namely in the addition of Grammy winning mixing engineer, Craig Silvey (The Rolling Stones, The National, Arcade Fire), and mastering engineer, Heba Kadry (Slowdive, Bjork, Cate Le Bon), ensuring Dehd's vision for "Blue Skies". The result is the band's second consecutive breakthrough: sharper and smarter, with harmonies and rhythms more sophisticated and considered. Blue Skies is still Dehd - just more wild and wonderful than ever before. Another jolt of timely hope, only with twice the power.




1 Control

2 Bad Love

3 Bop

4 Clear

5 Hold

6 Memories

7 Window

8 Palomino

9 Waterfall

10 Dream on

11 Empty in My Mind

12 Stars

13 No Difference

Dehd - Blue Skies

SKU: 767981179810
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