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WARNER BROS. 0724822

UPC: 093624857983

Release Date: 8/25/2023


Over the course of the 2022 release Summertime Blues, Bryan sings about working class lifestyle; (the dark and muscular “Quittin’ Time”); paints a bittersweet portrait of a summer night across America on the title track; tells a longing story about the one that got away (“Oklahoma Smoke Show”); and dives deep into the frustrations of a relationship gone sour (the fiery “All The Time”). Summertime Blues with now 550M global streams to date proves that the once-in-a-lifetime songwriter has a deep well to pull from, and he has been portraying these emotions live on his sold-out Summer 2023 Burn, Burn, Burn Headline Tour. Traveling across North America and having top billing at every major Country/Americana festival, Zach Bryan is forging profound connections with fans thanks to his simple, undiluted, genuine, and captivating music.




1 Quittin' Time

2 Motorcycle Drive By

3 Summertime Blues

4 Oklahoma Smokeshow

5 Jamie

6 Twenty So

7 Us Then

8 Matt and Audie

9 All the Time

Zach Bryan - Summertime Blues

SKU: 093624857983
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