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Release Date: 4/14/2009



As the torchbearers of the garage-rock revival of the 00s, it's only fitting that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs closed the decade with the dance-rock that emerged in their wake. Their breakout album, Fever To Tell, was a product of post-9-11 frenzy, when the band raced to get everything on record before the world ended and everybody stopped dancing. While it captured the band at their rawest, 2009's It's Blitz! saw them trading in their scuzz for synths to create a masterful dance record with punk spirit. In the three years between their successful sophomore album, 2006's Show Your Bones, and It's Blitz!Yeah Yeah Yeahs were in transition. They'd released Is Is, an EP of early material, in 2007, almost as a stop-gap measure, and each band member was living on opposite coasts and working on independent projects.

While their two previous records had slowly mended the creative break between the two founding members Karen Lee Orzolek (aka Karen O) and guitarist Nick Zinner, after three years apart It's Blitz! found the pair finally simpatico with each other. With producers Dave Sitek and Nick Launay at the helm, the group took a page from Blondie's new-wave pop playbook, unleashing an onslaught of disco synths and drum machines on opener, "Zero." They'd dabbled with mainstream pop before, yet It's Blitz! saw them fully lean into that side of the dial, with slicker production and floor-filling cuts such as "Heads Will Roll." Zinner unleashes a sonic blitzkrieg on "Dull Life" and buzzing chainsaw guitars on "Shame And Fortune." With "Maps," Orzolek had already proved herself to be an expert at crafting heart-tugging ballads for urbane cynics, and she succeeded once again with "Soft Shock" and "Skeletons." From the slow orchestral burn of "Runaway" to the earnest confessions of "Hysteric," there is an overall spatial and dreamy quality to the record. Every small melodic moment is allowed to stretch and breathe.


It's Blitz! would earn the band their third nomination for Best Alternative Music Album, at the 2010 Grammy Awards, and was certified gold in both Australia and the UK. While it remains Yeah Yeah Yeahs' most ambitious record, it often gets overshadowed by their seminal breakout debut album. Now, 10 years later, it's clear the band created the art-pop album of the decade.


Disc 1



2Heads Will Roll
3Soft Shock
5Dull Life
6Shame and Fortune
8Dragon Queen
10Little Shadow

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's Blitz!

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