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Following the release of Weezer (The White Album), the band began working on what they called "The Black Album," but as they worked, they found the songs they were writing felt more like reveries from a beach at the end of the world. Instead of forcing a different direction, they began an entirely new album; Pacific Daydream was born. Pacific Daydream - an album full of the melodic mastery and craftsmanship for which Weezer are known - is a record that navigates the uncertainty between reality and dreams, blurring the line between the listener knowing if they are daydreaming the world of the album, or if the world of the album is daydreaming them. It's a record about finding the gray area between the black and the white, about escaping the everyday into the fantasy of what may be just down the line, but also maybe isn't. It's an album that sounds like the Beach Boys and The Clash fell in love by the ocean and had one hell of an amazing baby.


Disc 1



1Mexican Fender
2Beach Boys
3Feels Like Summer
4Happy Hour
5Weekend Woman
6QB Blitz
7Sweet Mary
8Get Right
9La Mancha Screwjob
10Any Friend of Diane’s

Weezer - Pacific Daydream

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