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UPC: 4260126061781

Release Date: 4/5/2024

Congo Funk!, Analog Africa’s long-awaited journey to the musical heart of the African continent, presents fourteen funky, hypnotic and schizophrenic tunes from the 1970s, meticulously distilled from an initial selection of around 2000. The double LP compilation showcase the many facets of the Congolese capitals, Kinshasa and Brazzaville, uniting veterans and youth orchestras, famous and obscure, who pushed Rumba to new heights and electrified an entire continent with an indestructible groove.





5Sungu Lubuka - Petelo Vicka et Son Nzazi 07:50
6Mfuur Ma - Groupe Minzoto Ya Zaïre 05:00
7M.B.T‘s Sound - M.B.T‘s 03:50
8Musique Tshiluba - Abeti et les Redoutables 03:15
9Lalia - Trio Bydoli 05:00
10Adeito - Tabu Ley et L‘Orchestre 06:45
11Ngantsie Soul - Les Bantous De La Capitale 08:30





1Nganga - Les Frères Soki et L‘Orchestre Bella-Bella 08:40
2Tembe Na Tembe Ya Nini - Orchestre Celi Bitshou 07:20
3Lolo Soulfire - Lolo et L‘Orchestre O.K. Jazz 03:35
4Femme Ne Pleure Pas - Zaiko Langa Langa 06:00
5Kiwita Kumunani - Orchestre O.K. Jazz 03:50
6Fiancée Laya - G.O. Malebo 05:05
7Ah! Congo - Orchestre National Du Congo 03:20

Various Artists - Congo Funk! (2LP)

SKU: 4260126061781
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