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PID 6415011

UPC: 825764150118

Release Date: 9/15/2023


Twelve unstoppable deep funk burners from across the Numerosphere. A smorgasbord of sounds from R&B’s dapper younger cousin. Loose guitars and chunky drums lie in wait for discerning break-makers to finely chop and flip. The only funk record you’ll ever need to own.




1.  Slowburner

2.  Human Race

3.  Akiwawa

4.  So Dam Funky

5.  Iron Leg

6.  Ghet-To Funk

7.  Soul and Sunshine

8.  The Vibration

9.  Jungle

10.  Corruption Is the Thing

11.  The First Thing I Do in the Morning

12.  Right on for the Darkness

Various Artist - Eccentric Funk

SKU: 825764150118
  • $75+ Free Shipping

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