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BEGGARS BANQUET -- A.D.A. -- 0080252

UPC: 607618025212

Release Date: 5/22/2007

The follow-up to 2005's "Alligator" is filled with lush arrangements and sees the band incorporating new instrumentation and expanded musical elements such as piano, trumpet, and more prominent background vocals. "... churning grooves and shambling new wave rips, turning up depressed guitar poetry that's both elegantly wasted and kinda murky" - Rolling Stone. "The National traffic in poignant moments of heartbreak and regret, but pain has rarely sounded so beautiful" - Spin.




1Fake Empire
2Mistaken for Strangers
4Squalor Victoria
5Green Gloves
6Slow Show
7Apartment Story
8Start a War
9Guest Room
10Racing Like a Pro

The National - Boxer

SKU: 607618025212
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