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RHINO 0772207

UPC: 603497860289

Release Date: 7/27/2018


The second album from The Flaming Lips remastered from original sources by the band’s longtime musical foil and producer, David Fridmann, with help from the Lips’ Wayne Coyne and Michael Ivins


Disc 1



1Everything’s Explodin’ (Remastered)
2One Million Billionth Of A Millisecond On A Sunday Morning (Remastered)
3Maximum Dream For Evil Knievel (Remastered)
4Can’t Exist (Remastered)
5Ode To C.C. (Part 1) [Remastered]
6The Ceiling Is Bendin’ (Remastered)
7Prescription: Love (Remastered)
8Thanks To You (Remastered)
9Can’t Stop The Spring (Remastered)
10Ode To C.C. (Part 2) [Remastered]
11Love Yer Brain (Remastered)

The Flaming Lips - Oh My Gawd!!!... The Flaming Lips

SKU: 603497860289
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