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The Trip Out finds pioneering American electronic act The Crystal Method (Scott Kirkland) looking to the future and embarking on collaborations with some of today's most exciting and musically diverse artists. Pushing The Crystal Method's new sound to the forefront is the album's riotous lead single "Watch Me Now" featuring Koda & VAAAL.


Primarily written in 2020, the new album loosely centers around the idea of escapism - a timely theme amid a year of shuttered venues, canceled tours and global lockdowns. Fellow singles from The Trip Out include "House Broken" feat. Naz Tokio, a get-dirty bombastic floor banger featuring powerfully poignant vocals, serpentine synths and drop that will bring the room to a boil, as well as "Act Right" featuring Billy Dean Thomas and VAAAL which had Billboard raving, "... a carnival style party-starter featuring horns that sound like the trumpeting of an elephant and big ol' whalloping beats that will leave you out of breath by the end."


The Crystal Method also teamed with pioneering UK breakbeat producer Hyper for a unique single -- "Post Punk" featuring legendary Stooges frontman Iggy Pop. Borrowing a soundbite from Jim Jarmusch's Stooges documentary Gimme Danger, the track is built upon distorted synths and heavy drums, while Iggy - in his signature, gravelly voice - asserts his individuality. "I don't want to be a punk. I don't want to belong to any of it," he pronounces. "I just want to be."




  • 1 Watch Me Now Ft. Koda & Vaaal
  • 2 House Broken Ft. Naz Tokio
  • 3 Let's Trip Out Ft. King Green
  • 4 Chemical Mentalist Ft. Wenzday
  • 5 Free Play
  • 6 Act Right Ft. Billy Dean Thomas
  • 7 Friction Ft. Future Funk Squad
  • 8 The Crystal Method & Hyper - Post Punk Ft. Iggy Pop

The Crystal Method - The Trip Out(Vinyl LP)

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  • $45+ Free Shipping

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