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VERVE 3473801

UPC: 602438992454

Release Date: 5/13/2022

Tank & the Bangas / RED BALLOON - Best New Artist GRAMMY nominee and critically acclaimed band Tank and The Bangas return with their third studio album, Red Balloon. Red Balloon was born out of a pandemic-ordered break from the band's rigorous touring schedule. The hiatus gave the band space to grow, allowing them to reunite as a more unified group. This new work pushes the band to a new level, shedding light on their unique observations and reflecting on the ills of America while also celebrating the beauty of Black life. VERVE


Track Title 

1. Intro

2. Mr. Bluebell

3. Anxiety

4. Oak Tree

5. Communion In My Cup

6. Who’s In Charge

7. Why Try

8. No ID

9. Café Du Monde

10. Easy Goes It

11. Stolen Fruit

12. Big

13. Heavy

14. Jellyfish

15. Where Do We All Go

Tank and the Bangas - Red Balloon

SKU: 602438992454
  • $75+ Free Shipping

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