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Build Bridges combines stellar musicianship with unlimited drive and lag proof swing-ability. You can hear the maturity of their sound, which inadvertently allows you to appreciate their previous recordings even more. They're all in the same ballpark yet seem to be on a completely different playing field. Tim Felten's lineup not only shows his keen ability to pick top choice artists, but also shows his sense of direction and investment to high quality musicians. The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble is a staple of the west cost soul/jazz/funk scene and with their third LP, they solidify their position. Heavy grooves and drums, with top tier musicianship and writing. Build Bridges is just as sophisticated as it is soulful and funky!


  • 1 Aragon 
  • 2 El Nino 
  • 3 Sucker Punch 
  • 4 Campus Life 
  • 5 Costa Blues 
  • 6 Build Bridges 
  • 7 Roxy Funk 
  • 8 Gloria's Anthem 
  • 9 Backyard Boogie 
  • 10 Step Up


Sure Fire Soul Ensemble - Build Bridges

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