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It's not too far fetched to say that the Spice Girls rejuvenated the British pop market with a verve and swagger not seen since the days of Beatlemania. Their 1996 debut album Spice, a canny amalgam of R&B, dance and teeny bop pop anchored by the smash single "Wannabe," took the concept of Girl Power to arenas and soon stadiums. Spice hit No. 1 in 17 countries and went 10x Platinum in the UK and 7x Platinum in America. Spice sold nearly 30 million copies on its own and the next three albums ensured they'd become the best selling female group of all time. The Spice Girls still represent a seminal moment in pop history and their influence on popular culture and the rock establishment cannot be disputed.

Spice Girls - Spice (Vinyl LP)

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