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Coming hot on the heels of his first full length, the self-proclaimed "most sampled artist of all time" released the groundbreaking black concept LP Is It Because I'm Black a full 13 months before Marvin Gaye asked What's Going On? Rumbling hard past any notion of a sophomore jinx, Syl delivered a bracing, inspiring, and politically charged R&B document. "The 'lost' voice that cut the deepest, burned the hardest, and kept the best pace with the hall-of-famers." -Jonathan Lethem



  • 1 It Is Because I'm Black
  • 2 Come Together
  • 3 Together, Forever
  • 4 Concrete Reservation
  • 5 Black Balloons
  • 6 Walk a Mile in My Shoes
  • 7 I'm Talkin' 'Bout Freedom
  • 8 Right on

Syl Johnson - Is It Because I'm Black

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