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LOMA VISTA 0002897

UPC: 888072451957

Release Date: 1/20/2023


Vinyl LP pressing. Having started her professional career outside of her home of Zambia, Sampa the Great returned at the beginning of the pandemic to Africa. As Above So Below is the result of this return to her roots, embracing the sounds and themes of her origins. Sampa has reconnected with a different side of herself, one closer to the younger artistry that was nourished growing up. Now, in an age of authenticity, meet a 360 Sampa, a higher version of herself. No mask on, or role to play.




1. Shadows

2. Lane Ft. Denzel Curry

3. Never Forget

4. Mask on

5. Bona

6. Tilibobo

7. Can I Live?

8. Imposter Syndrome

9. Lo Rain

10. Idgaf

11. Let Me Be Great

Sampa The Great - As Above, So Below

SKU: 888072451957
  • $75+ Free Shipping

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