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Limited orange colored vinyl LP pressing. Includes digital download. This is Rodrigo Amarante's first solo record. It was made during an unexpected but very welcome exile, in a land he wouldn't have predicted he'd linger for too long; the west of the west. But the sense of distance and his newly acquired refreshing anonymity kept him staying. Rodrigo found himself leaning on that distance, projecting onto it, the space echoing back to him with a new voice.


  • 1 Nada Em Vão
  • 2 Hourglass
  • 3 Mon Nom
  • 4 Irene
  • 5 Maná
  • 6 Fall Asleep
  • 7 The Ribbon
  • 8 O Cometa
  • 9 Cavalo
  • 10 I'm Ready
  • 11 Tardei

Rodrigo Amarante - Cavalo (Neon Orange Vinyl)

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