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RHINO 0726490

UPC: 603497824793

Release Date: 6/7/2024


50th anniversary deluxe reissue of Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter’s 1974 debut solo album. Featuring contributions from the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart & Keith Godchaux. 


Disc 1



1Lady Simplicity (2024 Remaster)
2That Train (2024 Remaster)
3Dry Dusty Road (2024 Remaster)
4I Heard You Singing (2024 Remaster)
5Rum Runners (2024 Remaster)
6Children’s Lament (2024 Remaster)
7Maybe She’s a Bluebird (2024 Remaster)
8Boys in the Barroom (2024 Remaster)
9It Must Have Been the Roses (2024 Remaster)
10Arizona Lightning (2024 Remaster)
11Standing at Your Door (2024 Remaster)
12Mad (2024 Remaster)
13Keys to the Rain (2024 Remaster)


Disc 2



1Boys in the Barroom (Alternate Version) [2024 Remaster]
2Elijah (2024 Remaster)
3The Word (2024 Remaster)
4Rum Runners (Alternate Version) [2024 Remaster]
5It Must Have Been the Roses (Alternate Version) [2024 Remaster]
6Road Hog (2024 Remaster)
7Green Briar Song (2024 Remaster)
8Reelin’ and a-Pitchin’ (2024 Remaster)
9Briney Deep (2024 Remaster)
10Children’s Lament (Alternate Version) [2024 Remaster]
11Lady Simplicity (Alternate Version) [2024 Remaster]
12Southern Fried Shuffle (2024 Remaster)
13West Virginia Steel Guitar (2024 Remaster)
14Buck Dancer’s Choice (2024 Remaster)
15Boats (2024 Remaster)
16Keys to the Rain (Alternate Version) [2024 Remaster]

Robert Hunter - Tales of the Great Rum Runners (Deluxe Edition)

SKU: 603497824793
  • $75+ Free Shipping

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