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UPC: 5013929362017

Release Date: 4/22/2023


The classic 1992 20th Anniversary album, which saw The Residents rework lyrics, melodies and themes from their entire back catalog into an album of new tracks, on vinyl for the first time. Includes an insightful new essay by JIM KNIPFEL. Celebrating twenty long dreary years of obscure stardom...

In 1992, The Residents pondered their 20th Anniversary. A best-of collection had been proposed, and the group gathered together to draw up a potential tracklist. All was well until one of the Eyeballed Entities, unconsciously expressing something none of them had been able to verbalize, threw up on that tracklist.

Once the dust had settled, somewhere in there, amongst the resulting soggy mess of vomit, paper and ink, The Residents noticed the proposed best-of song titles had congealed into a collage of new, never before heard tunes. 'Kick A Cat' and 'Picnic In The Jungle' had become 'Kick A Picnic', whilst 'Amber' and 'Six Things To A Cycle' had become 'Six Amber Things'. You get the idea.

This was it! Inspired by the rather repulsive mess that sat before them, the group chose to take the entire episode as a sign, and began recording collages of select tracks from their back catalogue as instructed by those soggy scraps. What better way to celebrate twenty long dreary years of obscure stardom and sacrifice a few of their own sacred cows at the same time?!


Never before released on vinyl, and with their 50th Anniversary in mind in 2023, The Residents now present 'Our Finest Flowers' for your consideration again.



Disc 1



1Gone Again
2The Sour Song
3Six Amber Things
4Mr. Lonely
5Perfect Goat
6Blue Tongues
7Jungle Bunny
8I’m Dreaming Of A White Sailor
9Or Maybe A Marine
10Kick A Picnic
11Dead Wood
12Baby Sister
13Forty-Four No More
14He Also Serves
15Ship Of Fools
16Be Kind To U-WEB Footed Friends

Residents - Our Finest Flowers (RSD 2023)

SKU: 5013929362017
  • $75+ Free Shipping

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