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Quasimoto The Unseen on 2LP

Though he was an accomplished producer already, Madlib's popularity and acclaim really took off upon the initial release of 2000's The Unseen where the beat conductor and the bad character Lord Quas teamed up for what has become a benchmark in underground hip hop.

Quasimoto The Unseen Track Listing:

1.   Welcome To Violence        
2.   Bad Character    
3.   Microphone Mathematics    
4.   Basic Instinct    
5.   Goodmorning Sunshine    
6.   Discipline 99 Pt.0    
7.   Low Class Conspiracy    
8.   Return Of The Loop Digga    
9.   Real Eyes    
10.  Come On Feet    
11.  Bluffin    
12.  Boom Music    
13.  MHBs    
14.  Put A Curse On You    
15.  Astro Black    
16.  Green Power    
17.  Jazz Cats Pt.1    
18.  24-7    
19.  The Unseen    
20.  Phony Game    
21.  Astro Travellin

Quasimoto - The Unseen (Vinyl 2LP)

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