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UPC: 810599023935

Release Date: 3/3/2023


Grammy Award-winning French quartet Phoenix return with their long-awaited seventh studio album Alpha Zulu, their first since 2017's Ti Amo. Recorded during the height of the pandemic in Paris at the iconic Louvre museum, the 10-track collection includes the title track single, "Identical" which was featured in Sofia Coppola's 2020 film On The Rocks and "Tonight" with Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig. Alpha Zulu marks the first album the band worked on without the guidance of producer Philippe Zdar, who passed in 2019. "The trying conditions resulted in some of Phoenix's brightest and most ambitious work to date," writes Billboard. ""After Midnight," a cut from the top half of Alpha Zulu, sees the group tapping into a euphoria that leaves its listener equal parts jittery and energized; "Season 2" calls back to Phoenix's classic – and infectious – use of wordplay ("giddy up, I'm bored"), while "Artefact" highlights the band's consistent, artful use of synthesizers and lyrical repetitions, also seen in the tongue twisters on the album's title track, "Alpha Zulu.""




Alpha Zulu

Tonight (feat. Ezra Koenig)

The Only One

After Midnight

Winter Solstice

Season 2


All Eyes On Me

My Elixir


Phoenix - Alpha Zulu

SKU: 810599023935
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