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UPC: 823134880313

Release Date: 4/20/2024


Presenting Vol. 2 of the coveted compilation series from Penrose Records, featuring another 14 sides of sweet soul. Compiled from the SoCal’s label’s hottest 45 releases from last two years, many of which are getting their long player debut on this LP. Featuring hits by Thee Sacred Souls, The Altons, Vicky Tafoya, Jensine Benitez, as well as new-comers Johnny Ruiz & The Escapers and Junior Scaife. Pure Sweet Soul Bliss from some of the best in the game. (This is a 2024 Record Store Day release)


Disc 1



1Los Yesterdays - Who Made You You?
2The Altons - Float
3Thee Sacred Souls - Future Lover
4Vicky Tafoya - The Moment
5Thee Sacred Souls - Running Away
6Jensine Benitez - Ilusión De Amor
7Johnny Ruiz & the Escapers - Sorry
8Los Yesterdays - Louie Louie
9The Altons - Cry For Me
10Vicky Tafoya - Love Don’t Treat You Fair
11Thee Sacred Souls - Love is the Way
12Jensine Benitez - Sparkle In Your Eyes
13Johnny Ruiz & the Escapers - Prettiest Girl
14Junior Scaife - When My Heart Beats



Penrose Showcase Vol. II (Picture Disc)

SKU: 823134880313
  • $75+ Free Shipping

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