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Patti Smith Horses on LP

One of the All-Time 100 Greatest Albums - Time Magazine

#44 on the List of '500 Greatest Albums of All time' - Rolling Stone

Before recording the 1975 poetic proto-punk classic HorsesPatti Smith and her band honed the tunes in a triumphant run of shows at New York's iconic venue, CBGB. In the studio, producer John Cale then helped the band to further refine the songs in a process that brilliantly showcases their anarchic spirit and primitive beauty. Smith's background as a rock critic and poet is equally in evidence here as heard on the re-imaginings of such warhorses as "Gloria" and "Land of 1000 Dances," where she boldly adds her own provocative and unflinching lyrics to great effect. Horses' influence on the burgeoning punk-rock movement is undeniable and it remains a pillar of the genre as well as one of the finest debuts of all-time!

Patti Smith Horses Track Listing:

1.  Gloria
2.  Redondo Beach
3.  Birdland
4.  Free Money
5.  Kimberly
6.  Break it Up
7.  Land: Horses/Land of a Thousand Dances/La Mer(de)
8.  Elegie 

Patti Smith - Horses (Vinyl LP)

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