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Not The Same Old Blues Crap 3 - Various Artists on LP


First Time On Vinyl / Released in Honor of Fat Possum 25th Anniversary


"I have good reason for putting Charles Caldwell's song first. When I met him in Coffeeville, MS...he was ready to fill the hole R.L. Burnside left in our operation when poor health forced him to quit touring at the age of 72. I didn't think anybody could come close to Burnside...But like R.L., Caldwell was charismatic, a skilled player with a great voice...There isn't a weak track on the record; "Hadn't I Been Good To You," is one of the best cuts we've ever released.

"...2003 was a banner year for Dan and Pat, aka The Black Keys. Their first Fat Possum release, Thickfreakness, was released in April and took off running...In addition to selling a shitload of records, The Black Keys brought a new band to our attention: Thee Shams, a solid five-piece, also from Ohio, whose record 'Please Yourself' we also released. 


"I wish there were vast reserves of bluesment still out there playing, but the fact of the matter is that there aren't. The best we can do, for a little while longer at least, is guarantee you more blues records of the caliber you have come to expect from us...The world certainly doesn't need another tribute record, but it does need to pay more attention to Junior Kimbrough...Check out Iggy and The Stooges' rendition of 'You Better Run'...


"If only marketing these records were as easy as listening to them. But it's the listening that seems to keep everyone around - both in the office and out - so I guess we're doing something right. We're definitely moving forward." - Matthew JohnsonFat Possum Records


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