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I'm the Sky: Studio and Demo Recordings, 1964"1971 compiles the enduring and unheard work of Norma Tanega, the musician, painter, activist, teacher, and dreamer. Tanega's lifelong pursuit of art and individualism was revolutionary in its implicit defiance of societal norms. I'm the Sky represents the unbridled spirit of her California homeland, and exemplifies Tanega's exceptional song craft and lyricism. This double album edition includes an insert booklet containing liner notes and never-before-seen photos and ephemera.


Disc 1

1Jubilation (2:45)
2Now is the Time (4:00)
3Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog (2:21)
4Elephants Angels and Roses (3:54)
5A Street That Rhymes at 6 AM (2:25)
6I’m Dreamin’ a Dream (2:39)
7I’m the Sky (2:31)
8Cowfold (1:31)
9When It Touches You, a Snowflake Dies (2:21)
10Magic Day (3:50)
11You’re Dead (2:26)
12Stranger (2:30)
13What More in This World Could Anyone Be Living For (Version 2) (4:51)
14A Goodbye Song (2:10)

Disc 2

1Love Is Such a Happy Thing (2:55)
2Sunday Morning (4:06)
3No One (1:22)
4Time Becomes Gray (3:29)
5Solar Winds (5:02)
6Who Are You (2:59)
7Illusion (Demo Version) (3:37)
8Maggie My Dog (2:09)
9If I Only Had a Name Like Norma Tanega (1:44)
10La Jolla (2:54)
11In Between Changes (3:07)
12A Song For a Friend Who Died (3:15)
13What More in This World Could Anyone Be Living For (Demo Version) (3:04)

Norma Tanega - I’m the Sky: Studio & Demo Recordings, 1964–1971 2LP

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