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DOMINO 0000487

UPC: 887828048717

Release Date: 4/29/2022


Emotional Eternal, the third studio album from Melody's Echo Chamber, is a deeply human collection of songs full of prolonged moments of sonic transcendency ' a record that clearly exhibits its maturity but still regards the world with a childlike wonder. Having swapped Paris for the clean air of the Alps, Melody hopes 'the record has that uplifting quality. I made some big and impactful decisions and changes to my life. It took me to where it is peaceful, and I think the record reflects this.'




1 Emotional Eternal

2 Looking Backward

3 Pyramids in the Clouds

4 The Hypnotist

5 Personal Message

6 Where the Water Clears the Illusion

7 A Slow Dawning of Peace

8 Alma_The Voyage

Melody's Echo Chamber - Emotional Eternal

SKU: 887828048717
  • $45+ Free Shipping

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