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MOM & POP MUSIC 0000699

UPC: 810090093017

Release Date: 4/22/2023


"To Love A Boy" and "Stay Open" are the first singles ever released by Maya Hawke (2019). They were written and released by Maya Hawke and Jesse Harris, her frequent writing partner who also wrote on her debut album 'Blush'. These songs were released as A-side/B-side on DSPs but have never before been available on physical.Maya's Quote about the songs -"After seeing the movie Call Me by Your Name for the second time, I left the theater and I was walking home to my apartment in Brooklyn, and I just started thinking about the images of water and the romantic feeling in that movie. I was just filled with this intense jealousy and desire be in love and feel that way. Then I wrote the lyrics to “To Love a Boy” as a poem, and I sent them to Jesse Harris, and he wrote that melody, and I loved it. It’s about this dream reality where you could love somebody in an all-consuming way, where it feels like when you’re swimming in the ocean on a hot summer day." (This is a 2023 Record Store Day release.)

Maya Hawke - To Love A Boy / Stay Open RSD 2023

SKU: 810090093017
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