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CAPITOL 3766401

UPC: 602445541720

Release Date: 5/26/2023


Lola Young’s new project, My Mind Wanders & Sometimes Leaves Completely, is a new era for the young singer-songwriter. She’s testing her writing ability to confront new topics, while mining new depths of her creativity. The album sees Lola setting out with the idea that no one is perfect. Armed with a vocal that switches between soft and strong at a moment’s notice, Lola uses a folk storytelling and diaristic style to offer the listener a front seat to immersive snapshots of her life.


Disc 1



1Stream Of Consciousness
2Revolve Around You
3Annabel’s House
4Semantic Satiation
5Pretty In Pink
7What Is It About Me
8Black Cab
9Don’t Hate Me
10Chill Out

Lola Young - My Mind Wanders & Sometimes Leaves Completely

SKU: 602445541720
  • $75+ Free Shipping

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