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As a nod to his star sign, Queens-born, Long Island-based multi-platinum rapper Lil Tecca titled his debut album Virgo World. "I always took pride in being a Virgo," says Lil Tecca. "It's an idea I want to implement in my music. We try to create a perfect world around us. There are benefits and downsides to it. I can be really optimistic, but there are times when I'm not optimistic. No matter what, I give it my all though."

Virgo World follows Lil Tecca's 2019 platinum mixtape We Love You Tecca, which debuted in the Top five of the Billboard 200 albums chart and cemented the rapper as a rising force amongst his contemporaries. While We Love You Tecca was a complete solo effort, Virgo World includes notable contributions from Lil Uzi Vert, Skrillex, Internet Money, and Lil Durk. Spanning 19 tracks, Lil Tecca breezes through an array of topics and experiences reflecting where he stands at such an early point in his career.


"In a lot of ways, I feel like Virgo World is what I was trying to get We Love You Tecca to sound like," he says of the album. "I think I've reached my full potential at the moment. On every project, I'm going to evolve. When you finish listening to the album, I want you to feel inspired to be whatever you want to be, whether it's a rapper or a basketball player. I hope this project brings inspiration out of you and shows you if I could do it, you can. I'm still the same kid, but I grew up. I'm proud I did everything a lot of people said I couldn't. It wasn't about proving them wrong; it was about proving myself right."


Disc 1



1Our Time
2Actin Up
3When You Down
4Back It Up
6Royal Rumble
9Take 10
12Tic Toc
13Miss Me
14True To The Game
15Closest To Heaven
16Level Up
17No Answers
18Last Call
19Out Of Love

LIL TECCA - Virgo World (Vinyl LP)

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