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LAUFEY LLC 0000002

UPC: 5056167179429

Release Date: 5/3/2024


Laufey is Los Angeles-based singer, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist whose jazz songs are about young love and self-discovery. Raised between Reykjavik and Washington, D.C. with annual visits to Beijing, the Icelandic-Chinese artist grew up playing cello as well as piano and became hooked on the jazz standards of Ella Fitzgerald after digging through her father's record collection. Typical of Me is Laufey’s debut EP including her breakout single “Street by Street” - the 2023 pressing includes an updated cover & expanded insert.




1Street by Street
3Like the Movies
4I Wish You Love
6Someone New
7Best Friend

Laufey - Typical of Me EP (Black Vinyl)

SKU: 5056167179429
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