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UPC: 656605163314

Release Date: 8/11/2023


It's only fitting that Khruangbin's first-ever official live releases would be albums paired with their tourmates: artists whose music they love and admire, friends who've become family along the way. Khruangbin's series of live LPs traces just one small slice of the band's flight plan through the years: it's a taste of some of their most beloved cities, stages and nights. Each release comes with a limited-edition unique album cover exclusive for the recording's home turf, just a little something extra for the fans that bring a little something extra. Most of all, this series ignites both sides of the band’s magic: the warm, prismatic feeling of their albums and the bewitching energy of their performances.'Live at RBC Echo Beach' features performances by Men I Trust and Khruangbin.

Khruangbin/Men I Trust - Live At RBC Echo Beach

SKU: 656605163314
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