Khruangbin's first album is simply amazing. The groove rhythm of the bass perfectly melds with the guitar textured melodies as they are surrounded by a melodic drum beat that takes you to journey into another world. Each song is a distinction of it's own, from the Soul rhythm of "Mr. White" to the Thai funk inspired "Dern Kala" to the the surf rock of "Zionsville". It's a musical masterpiece to experience.


Disc 1



1 Mr White
2 Two Fish and An Elephant
3 Dern Kala
4 Little Joe & Mary
5 White Gloves
6 People Everywhere (Still Alive)
7 The Man Who Took My Sunglasses
8 August Twelve
9 Balls and Pins
10 Zionsville

Khruangbin -Universe Smiles Upon You (Vinyl LP)

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