Limited 180gm audiophile vinyl LP pressing. Mastering using the original analog album master, this meticulously and faithfully reproduced edition will mark the first official hi-fidelity vinyl reissue of this groundbreaking electronic album since it's original release in 1970. Sonically adventurous, Moog Indigo is a kaleidoscopic array of sounds delivered with imagination and a playful sensibility. Perrey's approach blends funk, lounge, and the avant-garde in a meticulously arranged tapestry of Moog, tape loops, and ondioline. An absolute must-have for vintage electronica heads, space-age pop enthusiasts, producers, audiophiles, and all fans of adventurous pop music. Jean-Jacques Perrey was a French electronic music producer and was an early pioneer in the genre. He was a member of the electronic music duo Perrey and Kingsley.





1 Soul City
2 E.V.A.
3 The Rose And The Cross
4 Cat In The Night
5 Flight Of The Bumblebee
6 Moog Indigo
7 Gossipo Perpetuo
8 Country Rock Polka
9 The Elephant Never Forgets
10 18th Century Puppet
11 Hello Dolly
12 Passport To The Future

Jean-Jacques Perrey - Moog Indigo

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