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UPC: 712145792862

Release Date: 6/19/2017


Jean-Jacques Perrey (1929-2016) was a pioneer of electronic pop music celebrated for his uniquely whimsical sampled soundworld, his groundbreaking style of rhythmic tape editing, and his early use of the Moog modular synthesizer. Perrey was also the world’s only virtuoso of the Ondioline, a remarkable French proto-synthesizer from the 1940s. Jean-Jacques Perrey et son Ondioline focusses on this early period of Perrey’s musical life, exploring his intimate relationship with this unusual and expressive instrument. The compilation features never-before-released collaborations with Angelo Badalamenti and Dick Hyman, early arrangements from test pressings of beloved Perrey tunes, and cuts from highly collectible albums of early library music he recorded. Also featured is a rare extended demonstration of the Ondioline, which receives its first commercial release. A must for dedicated fans, and a vibrant introduction for new listeners, this release canvasses Perrey’s unparalleled mastery of the Ondioline, points towards his later sample and Moog work, and illuminates a heretofore little-explored melancholy side to his recorded work. Curated by long-time Perrey fan and recent collaborator Wally De Backer (Gotye), this is the first release on Forgotten Futures, a new record label set up by De Backer to excavate lost works by pioneering producers and musical instrument inventors.


Disc 1



1La Vache et le Prisonnier main theme (excerpt)
2Visa to the Stars (commercial arrangement)
3Chicken on the Rocks A4. Danielle of Amsterdam
4Cigale A6. L’âme des Poètes
5Dandelion Wine
6Barnyard in Orbit
7Sérénade à la Mule
8Mars Reflector
9Pioneers of the Stars (orchestra arrangement)
10Ondioline demonstration – Introduction
11Ondioline demonstration - French Horn
12Ondioline demonstration – Bagpipes
13Ondioline demonstration – Fagot
14Ondioline demonstration – Bongo
15Ondioline demonstration - Evocation of Cartoons
16Ondioline demonstration - The Cat
17Ondioline demonstration – Oboe
18Ondioline demonstration - Banjo
19Ondioline demonstration – Spinet
20Ondioline demonstration – Clarinet
21Ondioline demonstration – Mandolin
22Ondioline demonstration – Cello
23Ondioline demonstration - String Bass
24Ondioline demonstration – Violin
25Ondioline demonstration – Castanets
26Ondioline demonstration - Castanets with Sound
27Ondioline demonstration - Sounds with a Base of B and A
28Ondioline demonstration - Sounds with a Base of C
29Ondioline demonstration - Sounds with F and H
30Ondioline demonstration - Percussion Without String
31Ondioline demonstration - We Use the Letter D, Several Seconds
32Ondioline demonstration - Special Effects with the String
33Ondioline demonstration - The String with the D
34Ondioline demonstration - Special Effects
35Ondioline demonstration - Percussion with the D, Several Seconds
36Ondioline demonstration - Final Message from Jean-Jacques

Jean-Jacques Perrey - Jean-Jacques Perrey et son Ondioline

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