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The soundtrack features instrumental and vocal music written by Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner for the highly anticipated, open-world video game. Drawing from her years of songwriting experience, the 32-track collection finds the musician, director and author making new explorations into ambient and experimental music, the resulting soundtrack as breathtaking and otherworldly as the game itself. From indie game developer Shedworks and publisher Raw Fury.


Disc 1



1Main Menu
2Glider [from "Sable" Original Video Game Soundtrack]
3Better the Mask
4The Ewer (Day)
5The Ewer (Night)
6Eccria (Day)
7Eccria (Night)
9Exploration (Ships)
10Exploration (Ruins)
11Exploration (Nature)
12Beetle’s Nest
13Glow Worm Cave
14Pyraustas Ruin
15Badlands (Night)
16Hakoa (Day)

Disc 2



1Hakoa (Night)
2Sansee (Day)
3Sansee (Night)
4Redsee (Day)
5The Wash (Day)
6Chum Lair
7Beetle Detour
8Machinist’s Theme
9Cartographer’s Theme
10Mask Caster’s Theme
11Mischievous Children
12Ibexxi Camp (Day)
13Ibexxi Camp (Night)
14Burnt Oak Station (Day)
15Burnt Oak Station (Night)
16Abandoned Grounds

Japanese Breakfast - Sable Video Game Soundtrack (Purple/Coral Pink Vinyl)

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