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VIRGIN 3043601

UPC: 602577837692

Release Date: 7/26/2019


May 1993’s janet. re-emerges July 26 on standard black 2LP. This is the first-ever U.S. vinyl release for janet. (14x platinum worldwide) and, in addition to its many hit singles, the reissue includes “Whoops Now,” which was previously made available only as a hidden bonus track on CD and digital versions of the album. The album also features the hit songs "That's The Way Love Goes", "If", and "Again".



1. Morning

2. That's the Way Love Goes

3. You Know

4. You Want This

5. Be a Good Boy

6. If

7. Back

8. This Time

9. Go on Miss Janet

10. Throb

11. What'll I Do

12. The Lounge

13. Funky Big Band

14. Racism

15. New Agenda

16. Love Pt. 2

17. Because of Love

18. Wind

19. Again

20. Another Lover

21. Where Are You Now

22. Hold on Baby

23. The Body That Loves You

24. Rain

25. Any Time, Any Place

26. Are You Still Up

27. Sweet Dreams/Whoops Now

Janet Jackson - Janet (2LP)

SKU: 602577837692
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