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Grateful Dead - Visions Of The Future Vol.2. It's no secret that by late '94 Jerry Garcia's health had declined to such a degree that other band members and Grateful Dead insiders could not envisage him carrying on touring with the band much longer. But this fact didn't stop certain shows from those late period days becoming legendary, and indeed cherished by fans. One such performance was given at the Spectrum in Philadelphia on 18th March 1995, when things appeared to gel in a way they hadn't done since the late '80s, when the Dead were at their last truly high point. The gig in question had come during a run of shows at the Spectrum. Whether the majesty of this particular date was related to the show being recorded for FM broadcast, or simply the subject of a near-final-hurrah - coming as it did just three months before Jerry's sad passing in early August, which signalled the end of the band proper - really doesn't matter.

Grateful Dead - Visions Of The Future Volume 2

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