Deluxe Vinyl LP Release featuring Grammy-Nominated Debut EP Take Time and Acclaimed Follow-Up EP When It's All Said and Done Plus Brand New Single!

Coming full circle, Grammy-nominated and gold-certified Long Beach singer/songwriter Giveon unveils his deluxe album When It's All Said and Done...Take Time. It consists of his 2020 Grammy Award-nominated debut EP Take Time and the critically acclaimed follow-up EP When It's All Said and Done in addition to the brand-new single "All To Me." On "All To Me," his voice glides over warm guitar, soft strings, and glimmering keys as cymbals hold down the groove. Giveon's instantly recognizable baritone echoes on the hook, "Oh he still don't make you feel beautiful, I know, but I do, just know I got you." Once again, it spotlights the sound the world fell in love with a year ago. With a Rat Pack-style vibe and elevated storytelling woven tightly through his music, Giveon is here to give R&B the re-up it needs. And he's just getting started.


Track List:

  • The Beach
  • World We Created
  • Take Time (Interlude)
  • Favorite Mistake
  • This Ain't Love
  • Heartbreak Anniversary
  • Like I Want You
  • Vanish
  • When It's All Said And Done
  • Still Your Best
  • Last Time
  • Stuck On You
  • All To Me

Giveon - When It’s All Said and Done… Take Time (Vinyl LP)

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