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BEGGARS BANQUET -- A.D.A. -- 0080007

UPC: 607618000714

Release Date: 12/11/2015


By the release of their second album, Replicas, Gary Numan was the undisputed focal point and leader of icy electro-punkers Tubeway Army. And the move proved to be massively successful back home in the U.K., where both the album and the single “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” topped the charts. The band had made a conscious effort to streamline the sound heard on its 1978 self-titled debut -- the distorted guitar riffs were played on Moog synthesizers instead, and Numan had perfected his faux-space-age persona. And the paranoia that is very evident in the lyrics and vocals on Numan’s next release, The Pleasure Principle, can be detected on Replicas. Another near-perfect album by the band, highlights are many -- “Me! I Disconnect from You,” “The Machman,” “You Are in My Vision,” and the chilling ballad “Down in the Park.”


Side 1



1Me, I Disconnect From You
2Are ’Friends’ Electric?
3The Machman
4Praying To The Aliens
5Down In The Park


Side 2



1You Are My Vision
3It Must Have Been Years
4When The Machines Rock
5I Nearly Married A Human

Tubeway Army - Replicas

SKU: 607618000714
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