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RSD Black Friday Exclusive/Ltd. 3500 USA


UPC: 848064014249Release

Date: 11/25/2022


Not since Ray Davies has a songwriter been able to craft such sharply observed vignettes in the space of a three-minute pop song like the late Adam Schlesinger. And on 2007's Traffic and Weather, Fountains of Wayne's fourth album, Schlesinger took his art to a new level, singing short stories as varied as crushing on a DMV clerk ("Yolanda Hayes"), celebrating the sexiness of a car not generally considered sporting ("92 Subaru"), being broke ("Strapped for Cash") and having luggage lost by an airline ("Michael and Heather at the Baggage Claim"). And while it lacks a radio-friendly hit like "Stacy's Mom"-it should be mentioned that Chris Collingwood only contributed three songs to this record-there are still earworms aplenty, particularly on "I-95," Collingwood's "Seatbacks and Traytables," and the title tune. Finally out on vinyl, our Real Gone release comes with a printed inner sleeve featuring lyrics and in a gold with black swirl pressing limited to 5000 copies, exclusive for RSD/Black Friday!

Fountains of Wayne - Traffic and Weather (Orange/Black Streak Vinyl)

SKU: 848064014249
  • $45+ Free Shipping

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