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ATLANTIC 0092805

UPC: 081227935597

Release Date: 6/16/2017


Disc 1



1Courtroom Intro
2The Crack Attack
3Triplets (feat. Big Punisher & Prospect)
4Find Out (feat. Big Punisher & Prospect)
5Don Cartagena (feat. Puff Daddy)
6My World (feat. Big Punisher)
7John Blaze (feat. Nas, Big Punisher, Jadikiss and Raekwon)
8Walk On By (feat. Charli Baltimore)

Disc 2



1Dat Gangsta Shit
2Bet Ya Man Can’t (Triz) [feat. Big Punisher, Cuban Link and Triple Seis]
3Misery Needs Company (feat. Noreaga)
4The Hidden Hand (feat. The Terror Squad)
5My Prerogative (feat. Armageddon)
6Good Times (feat. Layzie Bone and Krayzie Bone)
7Terror Squadians (feat. The Terror Squad)

Fat Joe - Don Cartagena

SKU: 081227935597
  • $75+ Free Shipping

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