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UPC: 796167505365

Release Date: 2/18/2022


Etran de L'Aïr (or "stars of the Aïr region") welcomes you to Agadez, the capital city of Saharan rock. Playing for over 25 years, Etran has emerged as stars of the local wedding circuit. Beloved for their dynamic repertoire of hypnotic solos and sun schlazed melodies, Etran stakes out a place for Agadez guitar music. Playing a sound that invokes the desert metropolis, "Agadez" celebrates the sounds of all the dynamism of a hometown wedding.




1 Imouwizla

2 Toubouk Ine Chihoussay

3 Nak Deranine

4 Tchingolene

5 Nak Igley Ismadarana

6 Tahawerte Ine Idinette

7 Alhaire

8 Adounia

9 Karade Marhane

10 Tarha Warghey Ichile

Etran De L'Air - Agadez

SKU: 796167505365
  • $75+ Free Shipping

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