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DRAG CITY 0000447

UPC: 781484044710

Release Date: 1/25/2011


Vinyl LP pressing. 2011 release from the American proto-Punk band, a collection of wild early demos that finds the trio of Hackney brothers consolidating their powers as they embark on a trip into pure Rock 'n' Roll music. Spiritual-Mental-Physical gives US Death by transistor radio, with a tinny yet- furious sound representing the 1970s environment of Death. Here, the musical landscape that inspired them is more clearly defined as they demo material that didn't make it to the studio, but shares the same ferocious bent as 'Politicians in My Eyes,' 'Keep on Knocking,' and the rest of their album... for the Whole World to See. Spiritual-Mental-Physical is an inside look at Death's early days, one that fans of the group and fans of Punk Rock (and, indeed, Rock of all kinds) are sure to enjoy for the rest of time.





2 The Masks

3 The Change

4 World of Tomorrow

5 Can You Give Me a Thrill?

6 People Look Away

7 The Storm Within

8 David's Dream (Flying)

9 Bobby Bassing It

10 Dannis on the Motor City Drums

Death - Spiritual Mental Physical

SKU: 781484044710
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