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GET ON DOWN 0051304

UPC: 664425130416

Release Date: 9/23/2014


In the 4 years after the Clipse dropped their sophomore classic Lord Willin' the duo was able to build a legacy that had fans hungry for new material. After the smoke cleared and they hit the studio the Virginia brothers recorded the confidently mature sophomore effort, Hell Hath No Fury. Best known for their unconventional radio smash "Grindin'," Clipse are no strangers to taking risks with the boundary-pushing Neptunes, who return as trusted co-pilots for Hell Hath No Fury. As always the duo is right at home over the Neptunes crafted beats which perfectly embrace Pusha's inventive drug-game metaphors and Malice's soul-baring confessionals. From the bouncy lead single 'Mr. Me Too" and the Slim Thug assisted "Wamp Wamp" to the oddly haunting "Keys Open Doors" to "Momma I'm Sorry", Hell Hath No Fury represents some of the duo's best work. On the hypnotic "Keys Open Doors," over the eerie mix of screwed-up angelic voices, chimes and congas, the brothers run circles around the competition, while the spine-tingling boom-bap of "Ride Around Shinin' sets the stage for Pusha's hilarious boasts. Whether rhyming over distorted, lo-fi guitar plucks ("Dirty Money") or overblown 808s ('Trill'), the brothers come with colorful references and inventive word play that easily places them in a lyrical class of their own. Get on Down now proudly issues this Neptunes produced favorite on LP for the first time ever with the run on white vinyl.




1 We Got It for Cheap (Intro)

2 Momma I'm So Sorry

3 Mr. Me Too (Feat. Pharrell Williams)

4 Wamp Wamp (What It Do) (Feat. Slim Thug)

5 Ride Around Shining (Feat. Ab-Liva of the Re-Up Gang)

6 Dirty Money

7 Hello New World

8 Keys Open Doors

9 Ain't Cha (Feat. Re-Up Gang)

10 Trill

11 Chinese New Year (Feat. Re-Up Gang)

12 Nightmares (Feat. Bilal & Pharrell Williams)

Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury

SKU: 664425130416
  • $75+ Free Shipping

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