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RSD Exclusive / Ltd. 4500 USA



WARNER BROS. 0726084

UPC: 603497827657

Release Date: 4/20/2024


Deluxe reissue of 1971 album from Captain Beefheart. Includes original album cut AAA from original master tape and bonus album including previously unreleased alternate versions and outtakes from recording sessions. Milky Clear Vinyl 140g


Disc 1



1I’m Gonna Booglarize You Baby [4:34]
2White Jam [2:57]
3Blabber ‘N Smoke [2:48]
4When It Blows Its Stacks [3:41]
5Alice In Blunderland [3:55]
6The Spotlight Kid [3:21]
7Click Clack [3:31]
8Grow Fins [3:31]
9There Ain’t No Santa Claus On The Evenin’ Stage [3:13]
10Glider [4:37]

Disc 2



1The Witch Doctor Life (Instrumental Take) [5:27]
2Semi-Multicolored Caucasian (Instrumental) [4:37]
3Your Love Brought Me To Life (Instrumental) [3:11]
4Two Rips In A Haystack/Kiss Me My Love [2:38]
5Harry Irene [3:33]
6Best Batch Yet (Track) [Version 1] [2:18]
7I Can’t Do This Unless I Can Do This/Seam Crooked Sam [2:00]
8I’m Gonna Booglarize You Baby (Full-Length Version) [8:58]
9Pompadour Swamp (Full-Length Version) [14:04]

Captain Beefheart The Spotlight Kid (Deluxe Edition)

SKU: 603497827657
  • $75+ Free Shipping

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