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Bobby Oroza puts his desire for the profound on wax with his sophomore album Get On The Otherside. Musically, he has updated the formula we were introduced to on the first record. But lyrically, songs are bravely rooted in the more complicated, ubiquitous inner tangles of life like self-examination and coming to terms with the vastness of the human experience.


As we've come to expect, the songwriting still has that raw, direct edge to it. But an evolution has taken place. There are new points of view on familiar territory which in Bobby's words "For me to love, I needed to take a bigger view of love. One with less ego and more empathy" really hold true. The result is a record with Bobby's new found humility on full display and a message of encouragement to anyone who is struggling and can't see a way out.


It still may be hard to nail down and define Bobby and his sound. He's no one thing more than the other. But what he's showing us now, on Get On The Otherside, is that we can also label him a soulful, philosophical optimist. Someone who can say a lot with a little, and who wants us all to know that it's us that has to do the hard lifting to truly live a life in love – both with the world and with yourself.



  • I Got Love
  • Loving Body
  • Bobby's New Mood
  • The Otherside
  • Soon Everyone Will Know
  • Blinding Light
  • My Place, My Time
  • Sweet Agony
  • Passing Thing
  • Make Me Believe 03:51
  • Real Connection
  • Through These Tears

Bobby Oroza - Get on the Otherside

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