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Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge are best known for their collaborations with vocalists and MCs, but these two multi-instrumentalists and producers excel in their ability to conjure musical moods with or without vocal accompaniment. Similarly, the musical legends that these two handpicked to collaborate with across this series are all jazz legends equally at home crafting unadorned compositions as they are collaborating with vocalists. This double-LP collection presents exclusive instrumental versions of songs originally released on the Jazz Is Dead albums; Roy Ayers JID002, Marcos Valle JID003, Gary Bartz JID006, and João Donato JID007. Instrumentals JID009 captures the musical alchemy produced at the Linear Labs Studio by Adrian and Ali and their featured guests: Roy Ayers, Marcos Valle, Gary Bartz & João Donato. These 19 instrumental recordings encapsulate the spirit of the Jazz Is Dead concert and recording series, celebrating the African-American art form known as jazz through improvisation, musical collaboration and authentic cross-generational and cross-cultural communication.


Disc 1



1Hey Lover feat Roy Ayers (Instrumental)
2Oi feat Marcos Valle (Instrumental)
3Visions of Love feat Gary Bartz (Instrumental)
4Aquarius (Why Do You Cry) feat João Donato (Instrumental)
5Soulful and Unique feat Roy Ayers (Instrumental)
6Isso É Que Eu Sei feat Marcos Valle (Instrumental)
7Nao Negue Seu Coracao feat João Donato (Intsrumental)
8Sunflowers feat Roy Ayers (Instrumental)
9Queira Bem feat Marcos Valle (Instrumental)
10Day By Day feat Gary Bartz (Instrumental)
11Gotta Love Again feat Marcos Valle (Instrumental)
12Forever More feat João Donato (Intrumental)
13Synchronized Vibration feat Roy Ayers (Instrumental)
14Viajando Por Ai feat Marcos Valle (Instrumental)
15Gravity feat Roy Ayers (Instrumental)
16Não Saia Da Praça feat Marcos Valle (Instrumental)
17Sua Beleza e Beleza feat João Donato (Instrumental)
18African Sounds feat Roy Ayers (Instrumental)
19A Gente Volta Amanhã feat Marcos Valle (Instrumental)

Adrian Younge / Ali Shaheed Muhammad Jazz Is Dead Instrumentals JID009

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